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Goodbye Whitney!

Dear Whitney

Where ever you are – We wish you peace and hope you ave come to rest peacefully.

Love, LOUDom Sound Travels

Isn’t it ironic that we have just said good-bye to Amy, and now this? What is happening to our music mega stars?

We know there are drugs, and late nights, and tours, etc… but surely, based on the past, these stars need to be looked after? Who was looking after Whitney?

Hollywood romances do not last – stars do not make it to the next decade – and we have a responsibility to appreciate them for what they are, when they are, and not force these people to deliver way past their prime – no matter how much we love them!

Whitney, – we are sad to see you go……..

Rihanna, take heed! We do not want you go the same way!

Rest in peace!

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