LOUDom! offers a full wedding service. From the chapel to the Reception, LOUDom! is geared to make your wedding the most memorable event of your life!

There are 3 things that you need to make sure your wedding entertainment is up to scratch:

  1. Deal with a reputable music provider
  2. Meet face to face to discuss requirements
  3. Verify company equipment, quality and reputation


A wedding is an amazing, wonderful event. It epitomizes the dreams and hopes of current and future generations. Weddings are a way of bringing a community together to share, experience and break bread. A wedding is special and LOUDom! understands all too well that your wedding needs to be special! The one they remember. Everyone had a great time – your special day!


The entire wedding, from the chapel to the reception, is a reflection of you! The food, the cake, the decor, the MUSIC!


LOUDom! is experienced and well versed in creating great memories through music and dance!

Professional Equipment


  • Chauvet LED PAR CAN X2 for mood lighting and strobe effects.
  • Chauvet LINE DANCER for that laser show effect
  • Chauvet MUSHROOM – basically a mirror ball – but on steroids :)
  • Berhinger 450 watt active speakers X2 (for the rest of us, that’s flippin loud!)
  • Dixon 200 watt passive speakers X2 (Great for chapel or smaller functions)
  • Every song your guests could ever request (almost :) )

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